Mentioned in Affinity Spotlight 2019

As a new designer, you will try a lot of tools to see what is suitable for you. After a long search I foud Affinity by Serif and espacially Affinity Designer. I really liked this complete tool that I could use everywhere on my iPad. To learn all the ins and outs of the program, I thought it was a cool idea to start doing the #inktober2019 Challenge on Instagram.

After a couple of designs, Serif (Umar Lawson) contacted me to inform me that my designs caught their attention. They asked me if they could mention me in their Inktober Roundup on their Affinity Spotlight Blog. That was a great honor for me, because I just started designing and just using their product for a couple of weeks.
So of course I want to show you guys this article because I’m very proud of it. Please read the whole article at the Affinity Spotlight: