• StudioVerso

    Studiodverso collaboration

    Instagram is a great medium for creative people. You can meet fellow creators, motivate eachother, help eachother and sometimes, doing a collaboration. Studiodverso contacted me if he could use one of my creations for his artwork. Offcourse he can! And what a great result it is. Really awesome! Follow Studiodverso on Instagram for more great art!

  • Swoosh_Jason02

    Embroided Patches – Herbjuice

    The past months I was working on some designs for Herbjuice. Herbjuice produces amazing embroided patches. The theme for my designs was the Nike Swoosh in all kind of designs. When the designs were finished, Herbjuice used his magic and turned them into beautifull patches.I’m still very proud to be part of this and I hope to collaborate a long time to make more and amazing patches. Check his Etsy store and get yours!

  • Character Mashups

    I thought it would be fun to make a serie of all kinds of known characters and give them a mashup. I did that and gave them a funny twist. The result is awesome if I may speak for myself, but other do like these mashups too. The first shirts and stickers are already shipped and de demand grows. Cool! Below the results of the mashups. When you like a shirt or a sticker, please contact me! Clownfish (Nemo & Pennywise) The Walking Fred (The Walking Dead & Fred Flintstone) A Nightmare on Elmer Street (Elmer Fudd & Freddy Krueger) Plants Smokin’ Zombies (Plants vs. Zombies) Poison eeVee (Poison Ivy…

  • Custom Funko Shirt & Stickers

    Another commission, another Funko design but this time another theme. The client wanted a Pink Diamond related Funko design, so I made her in Funko style. This design, on a beautiful mint green shirt, looks amazing. And of course we’ve made some matching stickers. @Nanccreates took care of some decal Funko vinyl logos and the package was complete. The client is very happy, and so are we!

  • AltivistA goes for new branding

    Koen from AltivistA was still stunned about his mystery box with his own custom shirt. The design was awesome and he immediately started changing his branding. The branding he had for his channel was a little outdated and this was the time to change it. M-Drawz made a new banner, avatar and other little tweaks to give him the branding he liked. And to make it complete, M-Workz gave him some extra stickers so he doesn’t have to share all with his kids 😀 See the next video of Koen about changing his branding.

  • Reveil of a custom made T-Shirt

    I couldn’t tell you guys that I was working on a secret project. The surprise was a custom shirt for Koen de Beer. He has a YouTube channel called AltivistA, and is dedicated to Funko Pops. I promised to make a shirt for him, but he didn’t knew what kind of design it was. Finally, today he received his Mystery package, after some delay by PostNL. He made an unboxing video and here’s the reveil. Watch his reaction…. I love it! Priceless!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek-FAiYgSgc&t=

  • Mentioned in Affinity Spotlight 2019

    As a new designer, you will try a lot of tools to see what is suitable for you. After a long search I foud Affinity by Serif and espacially Affinity Designer. I really liked this complete tool that I could use everywhere on my iPad. To learn all the ins and outs of the program, I thought it was a cool idea to start doing the #inktober2019 Challenge on Instagram. After a couple of designs, Serif (Umar Lawson) contacted me to inform me that my designs caught their attention. They asked me if they could mention me in their Inktober Roundup on their Affinity Spotlight Blog. That was a great…