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The general terms and conditions of M-Drawz described here apply to the content of this website, the services and products of M-Drawz. This determines the conditions under which the information and products are made available to visitors on M-Drawz.nl.

Intellectual Property Terms

All visitors to this website are allowed to use the content free of charge under the condition that the content is not copied, distributed or made available to other parties in any other way. It is not permitted to use or misuse the information on this website for commercial purposes. The use of content originating from this website may only be reused in accordance with the rules of mandatory law. It is not permitted to use text, images, multimedia or other content from this website without the express written permission of M-Drawz. The intellectual property of all content belongs to M-Drawz.

Liability Content

Prices are listed on my website. When stating these prices, the aim is to offer a price that is intended to be realistic. In the unlikely event that an incorrect price is included in the content of this website, this does not give rise to enforcing an agreement or to claim a contract. No liability is accepted for unrealistic and incorrectly stated prices that have been established, for example, on the basis of a typing error or programming error. We strive to keep the content as up to date as possible. If, despite these efforts, an error occurs or information is not wholly or partially incorrect, no liability is accepted by M-Drawz.

All information and products offered on this website are presented without claim to correctness and without any form of guarantee. M-Drawz always reserves the right to make changes to the content, remove content or re-list it without prior notice from us. Furthermore, no form of liability is accepted for the content on websites and actions of other parties to which reference is made via this website by means of hyperlinks. M-Drawz is not liable if incorrect material is supplied, nor for the errors and costs resulting therefrom.

Quotation and Agreement

It is possible that changes may occur in the prices shown due to unforeseen changes in the work. The rates and offers shown on this website do not automatically and unconditionally apply to new assignments. The prices are presented inclusive of 21% VAT. In the case of assignments from companies within the EU outside the Netherlands, the VAT is shifted to the client in the context of intra-Community services/delivery. The client is then responsible for the payment of VAT in his own country. If a private individual in the EU is a client outside the Netherlands, VAT will be charged according to the applicable rules. An agreement has been concluded between M-Drawz and the client at the moment an order has been placed and confirmed. A confirmation is automatically sent for every assignment in the form of an order on this website. The moment an order is placed via another route, the agreement is concluded after the client has provided approval by mail, email or telephone. In the event of amendment of the agreement, if there is reason to do so in order to guarantee proper implementation, it will be decided between the parties in consultation to amend the agreement according to both parties’ approval. The project is closed when M-Drawz has not received a response from the client within 8 days during the execution of the work. No rights can be derived from quotations issued without an example. An offer price remains valid for 30 days unless otherwise indicated.

Delivery time of the designs

The delivery of designs partly depends on the client. It may take several working days if the client does not respond in time or prefers to choose from several designs to be sent. The term of delivery is stated in the order, but M-Drawz reserves the right to extend the stated term of delivery in the context of busy times or other unforeseen circumstances. Incidentally, the aim is always to state the number of hours that the delivery will take. The number of hours before delivery is stated on the website for each product.

Delivery time products webshop

M-Drawz indicates the expected delivery time on its products. M-Drawz uses a standard delivery of 5-7 working days. M-Drawz will make every effort to meet the expected delivery time. Exceeding this delivery period will be announced at least 24 hours in advance.
Exceeding the delivery term does not entitle the client to dissolve the Agreement or to claim compensation.

Copyright and brand name

When confirming an order by the customer, it is agreed that all documents, including texts, photos and other graphic material, are the property of the customer. The customer is not allowed to use material that violates copyright laws or existing brand names. M-Drawz accepts no liability for any claims or for any prosecution that may result from the unlawful acquisition of material that complies with copyright and trademark laws. The customer remains responsible at all times for the content on the website or for the logo, for which M-Drawz has no responsibility and accepts no liability. Designs may not be changed, copied, modified or removed without the express permission of M-Drawz.

License, Use and Payment

The designs in the form of graphic expressions and websites may not be used by the client if the obligations have not been met. For example, the payment obligation. Nor if the assignment is terminated earlier for whatever reason. Once the conditions of the agreement have been met, the client can use the design for his own purposes. After payment has been made, the rights of use are transferred to the client. M-Drawz does make use of the right and also appropriates that right to present designs provided on its own website, in the portfolio or in other own expressions. A payment term is stated on the invoice and the client must adhere to it. This payment term is usually 30 days unless stated otherwise. Upon expiry of the payment term, the customer owes statutory interest. All costs resulting from late payment or non-payment will be borne by the customer.

The general terms and conditions can change without notice. The current conditions are always stated on this page.

Last modified on 01-01-2023