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M-DRAWZ - privacy policy

M-drawz Design company information

Phone number: +31 6 41 32 10 95
VAT number: NL182648837B01
Chamber of Commerce: 75549263

What does M-drawz process personal data for?

Your personal data is processed by M-Drawz for the following purposes
• Contact after request from contact form
• Newsletters and progress
• Execute assignments and administration

Your privacy rights

As a user of our website you have the right to inspect your personal data. If you want to know which personal data M-Drawz processes from you, you can send a request via our contact channels. M-Drawz strives to handle this request within 10 working days.
If it turns out that your data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can make an additional request to have that data changed or adjusted.

Data retention period

M-Drawz only stores your data to contact you and for the administration of M-Drawz. M-Drawz absolutely does not use this information for advertising purposes. This data is stored for a maximum of 6 months.

About your cookie consent

M-Drawz uses the cookies on this website to provide you as a visitor with the best possible user experience. If you want more information about the cookies on this website, read all the information on the Cookie Policy page.

Contact, questions and complaints

Do you have further questions, comments, ideas or complaints about M-Drawz Privacy Policy? Then please contact us and I will contact you as soon as possible.


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